Dr. berg on the issues

Moving Kentucky Forward

Things are changing in the world, now more than ever. It is important that the state of Kentucky keeps up. I want to be a voice that helps Kentucky thrive by exploring new revenue opportunities, such as expanded gaming, and legalized medicinal marijuana. These options would help Kentucky increase revenue so that we can fund our pension deficit and invest in quality healthcare and education. 


I am a proud product of Louisville public education (Central High School Class of 1978, UK Class of 1983, University of Louisville College of Medicine Class of 1987). I aim to ensure that public school funds go to our public schools in order to ensure a quality education for all students within the Jefferson and Oldham County Public School systems. Education is the key to the leaders of the future. With two children through school, I know the importance of a quality education, from keeping our kids safe on campus to making sure our teachers have what they need to be successful in the classroom. 



As a lifelong physician, I have dedicated much of my life to helping others and saving lives. I fully supported Governor Beshear’s Medicaid expansion in Kentucky, as I believe that every Kentucky resident should have the right to affordable healthcare. If elected, I will do everything in my power to preserve medical assistance to those who need it. 

I also believe that women deserve access to safe, affordable reproductive healthcare. It's not just a women's issue -- it's a family issue. Without family planning, Kentuckians can't be sure of their economic future.

Firearm Safety

As a parent, I know the worry that we all go through sending our kids off to school. I want to make campuses safer for our children, and I will support banning military-style assault weapons and bump stocks. Gun violence is a true crisis in our nation -- I saw this every day in my work at a trauma hospital. It’s past time to address this crisis for what it is, and put forth common-sense solutions. 


Unions are under assault in Frankfort. Politicians in Frankfort have already passed disastrous "right to work" laws. I will be an ardent voice to repeal such laws. Strong unions provide a steady stream of skilled workers which Kentucky's economy needs in order to thrive. 


I am a proud supporter of equality and intersectionality. No person should be turned away from a job or service because of their personal preferences. Supporting equality opens up doors to economic growth and a more welcoming environment for all.  Equality also means making sure everyone prospers in our economy. I will support ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment when elected, and will work to make sure equal pay and paid family leave are priorities in the State Senate.