Special election June 23

Dr. Karen Berg has dedicated her life to helping others. A mother of two, she’s a lifelong resident of Senate District 26, living in the home her parents built here more than 60 years ago.

A cancer survivor and practicing physician of more than thirty years, Karen understands on a deeply personal level that healthcare is a right—not a privilege. Karen is running for state senate to use her healthcare expertise to improve access to affordable healthcare and lower the costs of prescription drugs.  

Karen knows that public education is critically important to the future of the commonwealth, and will fight to make sure our teachers are treated like the professionals they are. 

Join Karen and let’s send a doctor—who will stand up for us—to Frankfort.



I can't do this without you.  Please chip in to help ensure we can win on June 23rd.



We have just a few weeks until the special election. Karen has an excellent chance to win this district (Andy Beshear won it by 10 points in November!). But we know the other side is going to pull out all the stops to keep this seat; they may have the powerful special interests and the big money, but they'll never have the grassroots energy like Karen does. We need your help to get Karen over the finish line. No matter what your interests or availability, there are things you can do to help Karen win.  Our team will be in touch very soon to get you started!