"I am proud to endorse Dr. Karen Berg"

"She will bring intelligence, compassion, and a voice of progressive values to Frankfort."  -Representative Mary Lou Marzian


Metropolitan Louisville Women's Political Caucus

Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate

The Platform

Karen Berg for Kentucky State Senate District 26, Democrat

Serving The Community

Dr. Karen Berg was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and is a graduate of both the University of Kentucky and University of Louisville. Dr. Berg has been part of the U of L healthcare system for decades. She has been engaged in her community for many years. She is excited to share her experience and expertise in Frankfort and be your progressive voice. 

Karen Berg for Kentucky State Senate District 26, Democrat

We will move Kentucky forward

Career politicians in Frankfort have been dragging Kentucky down. Dr. Karen Berg will fight to fix Frankfort and help Kentucky march towards a brighter future.

  • Find a responsible solution to fully funding the pensions of our state employees. 
  • Repeal union damaging "right to work laws" and reinstate prevailing wage protections for Kentucky's working families. 
  • Create equality for all of Kentucky's residents including our LGBTQ, minority, and immigrant neighbors. 
  • Be a voice for single payer healthcare, we must strengthen access to affordable healthcare for all Kentuckians. 
  • Protect a woman's right to make her own healthcare decisions, and ensure her safe access to them. 
  • Fight for common sense gun legislation to keep our children and communities safe. 
  • Develop an effective set of measures to combat the opioid crisis, through direct and long term patient care. 

Karen Berg for Kentucky State Senate District 26, Democrat

We can make change together!

Karen can't win this race without your help! Volunteers are needed to help fund-raise, host meet and greets, organize and walk to meet voters. Let us know what you care about and what you can do to help. Across the nation Democrats are creating winning movements. We can flip  District 26 blue!  

Dr. Karen Berg on the Issues

Moving Kentucky Forward

Kentucky needs progressive voices in Frankfort. I will be that progressive voice. We cannot allow Governor Bevin to push Kentucky backwards. I am running for State Senator to help fix Frankfort and allow Kentucky to thrive. We must invest in education. We must protect our unions. We must protect equality. We must keep our schools and communities safe from gun violence.  I will be your progressive voice in Frankfort. 


Education is the foundation of our democracy but sadly it is not the priority of our lawmakers in Frankfort. 

A pension is a promise that must be kept. I strongly oppose Senate Bill 1. We can and must do better for all Kentucky's children, who are our future. We must update Kentucky's tax codes, and expand our economy with new industries to become financially solvent to save our education system!

I promise to protect your tax dollars, spending them wisely to ensure our schools are the best they can be.  This means I will never support charter schools.


As a lifelong physician I saw the tremendous good that Governor Beshear's Medicaid expansion provided Kentucky. Patients had access to doctors for the first time in their lives. I will never endorse Governor Bevin's dismantling of these expansions. Furthermore I am a strong advocate for a single payer healthcare system. It is the only viable solution to solve our healthcare issues. No Kentuckian should ever suffer because they cannot afford to see a doctor. 

Gun Violence is a public health crisis in America. I believe all Kentuckians are safer with assault weapons off our streets and out of the hands of those who wish us harm. I promise I will never take any money from the NRA.


Unions are under assault in Frankfort. Politicians in Frankfort have already passed disastrous "right to work" laws. I will be an ardent voice to repeal such laws, as well as be unrelenting in reinstating prevailing wage protections in Kentucky. Strong unions provide a steady stream of skilled workers which Kentucky's economy needs in order to thrive. 

Womens Healthcare

Women should decide their health decisions with their doctor. The supreme court agrees. Roe v. Wade is the law of the land. I will always vote to protect this decision. As a physician, I know the harm caused when legislators step between women and their doctors.

I will never support legislation such as HB 454 that interferes with a woman's personal healthcare decisions .  


I am  honored to be C-FAIR endorsed for my views on equality and intersectionality. Kentucky has the distinction of being the first state in the south to pass civil rights protection. I believe that Kentucky must continue to live up to its proud history. That is why I will always vote for the equality and dignity of all Kentuckians. It is just the right thing to do. If we don't, we are shutting the door on potential economic growth.

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